Counselling for Young People

I provide counselling to teenagers and young adults from the ages 13 year upwards. I recognise life can be hard at times and growing up can be a difficult and confusing time with many pressures from school, peer groups, friendships, family dynamics as well as other stressors. It can be hard for young people to talk to someone they know about their struggles.  Talking to someone outside of the family can help to build trust, feel heard and safe.

My background is rooted in education so I am very familiar with the pressures young people face. Many young people experience exam stress, anxiety, depression, peer pressure, self-harm, bullying, low self-esteem and family breakdowns. I have worked with teenagers and young adults in education, residential settings and in a counselling role and I am committed to support them by empowering them to share their problems and worries to develop their self-esteem, resilience and confidence to overcome life’s challenges. Typically, most of the time in the session we will be talking together, or we can work in a creative way to help the young person express how they feel, if this suits them, however the young person is encouraged to make their own decision to see if they want to work this way. Throughout their session they will be able to use pens, paint, paper, cards, games and other creative materials.


Counselling gives young people a private, confidential space to share their honest thoughts and feelings without worrying about how anyone will react in their life. I offer counsellor-client confidentiality, and this applies to young people as well as adults. This means that they are free to talk about what they want to bring with confidence. Sessional information will not be shared with parents, caregivers or family members unless the young person has requested this, or there is a concern they are a danger to themselves or others, I have the right to inform parents/caregivers and outside agencies, but would not do so without, whenever possible, informing the young person

The Next Steps

I invite parent/caregivers to contact me and talk through what is happening in their child’s life. During this discussion I can let parents/caregivers know how the counselling process works and how we can work together to support their child. Counselling young people is the same as counselling adults because the therapeutic relationship is with the person receiving the counselling. Before meeting with the young person I will send out to parents/caregivers some information about the way I work which explains the therapeutic relationship and the boundaries around this.

Children and young people counselling


I encourage young people to come into the counselling room on their own, however if they are feeling particular nervous, it may be necessary for a parent/caregiver to spend 10 minutes in the room so they feel at ease whilst we get to know each other. Typically, over the first few sessions the young person and I will get to know each other, it can often take a little longer to start to build a therapeutic relationship. During this time, I will share the therapeutic agreement with the young person and answer any questions they may have.

Sessions are £40.00 for 1 hour

If you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me through the contact form on my website or alternatively you can contact me via telephone, text or email.