What is Counselling?

Counselling comes from the umbrella of talking therapy. I am a Person Centred counsellor, this means I will ensure you encounter a safe, confidential environment where you feel heard, accepted and valued for who you are.

Why do we need Counselling?

Throughout life we can feel at times our life is challenging, making us feel powerless, overwhelmed, confused and alone.  Sometimes we have no support networks or find it difficult to trust someone in our life with our thoughts and feelings.  Very often, talking to someone who isn’t emotionally involved about difficulties we are experiencing can help us understand our innermost feelings and give clarity on where we currently find ourselves.  I understand the decision to begin counselling can feel very daunting and cause uncertainty in what to expect, I can offer you a safe therapeutic space and be alongside you on your own personal journey.

How can I help you?

Counselling is a personal journey for everyone because we are all unique and will have our own personal difficulties and goals.  I cannot promise you I can take your problems away or fix them but what I can do is promise I will give you my space and time to encourage you to explore your own difficulties that are of importance to you by reflecting together to help gain insight and what life means for you.  This can lead to having a greater sense of awareness, improved coping strategies, self-esteem and improve health and wellbeing.

I predominately work in a Person Centred way in that my approach puts emphasis on you being at the centre of the counselling process whilst using techniques as needed to help you move forward in your life, I recognise everyone is unique and that therapy techniques used must suit you. 

Although I have a lot of counselling experience I am not an expert on you.  I believe you are the expert on your own life and by exploring your problems with me I can help you to get to where you need to be at this time.

Engaging in counselling can be life changing, taking you on a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance.  The ultimate aim of counselling is to enable you to be more self-aware of the choices you have made, feel more confident to make your own decisions, improve relationships with yourself and others, to be in more of control of your life and have a greater sense of happiness.