Em has been a very good counsellor for me. Em created a safe space so I could open up with warmth, understanding and compassion. Em has helped me move forward through a very difficult time. During our sessions Em would bring insightful questions which made me look at myself and the situation differently. It does take time however it has been worth investing the time with Em.

Thank you Em

I was very nervous to contact Em as I have never done anything like this before. I knew I needed someone to talk to because my panic attacks had increased and I was unable to work because of this. Em has a friendly approach which immediately helped me to relax. I was able to open up to her about what was happening in my life which helped me massively. At times it was very emotional however Em was there to be alongside me. I feel like a different person now because I am able to manage the panic attacks better with the support I have had from Em. We explored the panic attacks and looked at what I could do when I was having one, which I now do use. I no longer feel panic returning to work because I have recognised the confidence which has grown in me and that I am looking forward to returning to work.

I am so grateful for all your support.